Saturday, August 09, 2008


Went to see Wall-e last night, I am not a film reviewer, but I really liked it. It was lovely and well animated. Scary to think about what state we might be in as a planet in 800 years or so. Did notice the lack of dialogue for the first 30 mintues or so, especially since there were some delightful children in the cinema.

You know your children watch too much telly when they can recall the lines in an advert, before the advert has even begun! "Last one in the sea is a great big loser"

Next week is the week of fun, I hope it's really sunny. Mostly so I won't sit inside and be addicted to the Olympics! I will be going to the sea, I will be going to theme parks. I will book a proper holiday later in the year when all the children go back to school...

So off we go, blogging only upon return.