Monday, September 22, 2008

Matthew Macaulay - As For Me

There is something about this album that sounds very familiar. It might just be because Matt's led worship at youth camp several times, or that those songs echo some of what I feel right at this moment. It's interesting to listen to a singer/song writer and, especially with Christian music, you see so much of the person's heart with each word and phrase.

I find that some of the arrangements on the album feel a little bit out of place, epic in some places, then suddenly drops off to nothing. The backing vocals are massive on some songs, and you definitely couldn't expect any one with a 'normal' singing voice to reach that height. Though I often do try in my car.

“With all my heart” is the opening track which sets the mood for the rest of the tracks, all with catchy tunes, which resound some of what Christian life should look like. A few of the songs try to fit too much in, but it is good to reflect on how much we are called to do, alongside all God has done for us already.

Matt's website has all the bits and pieces for trying out these songs in church, some of which I will try to get into worship. “The Beauty of the Cross” has a very simple message, and could be amazingly powerful. We'll see. A great first album and I'm very much looking forward to hearing more.