Sunday, September 28, 2008


I talked last time about trying to get more passion for something.

Since then I've had some interesting conversations about different things I could get passionate about.

One is glory – of course I want to see the glory of GOD. But I've never understood it, nor have desperately wanted it. I want to see the kingdom of GOD, though hadn't fully grasped how this might change me. That was until I had a long discussion about GOD's glory this week. I want to see GOD's glory in Lewsey, and I want to seek GOD's face first.

Secondly is youth – getting passionate, not angry. People talk about an 18 month barrier in youth work, but I think it's more like two years.

Lastly is 'stuff' – I'm fed up of the word 'stuff' being used to describe things which we are uncomfortable with, or using 'stuff' to make assumptions. My 'stuff' is different from your 'stuff'. Speak in actual words.

I'm hoping that the first one will lead to the other two.