Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Father Listens

It's great to know that there are people listening to me when I talk.

I moaned a lot that we didn't get a summer, nothing quite near it! So today, it was cold. I didn't quite realise how cold until one of the girls came in this evening and said it was snowing! We've got winter, proper. It hasn't snowed in October for ages... we might evenr get snowed in as it gets colder. Germany won't be the only place I see snow this winter!

God listens...

My housemate and I had made a pact that we wouldn't turn the heating on til the end of October... I was chatting to Dad about being cold and he suggested it might be a good idea to switch the heating on last night as it would be freezing. Better a heating bill than a plumbers! We did, got too warm, but it seems that had I not spoken to my Dad I wouldn't have even guessed it'd snow tonight.

Dad listens... and not just to me, but also to the weather (when I'm watching Home and Away).

I'm incredibly blessed to have many, many people who do listen to what I say. But I'm especially blessed to know that God listens and so does my Dad.