Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Going the extra mile

Being in Leicester is always really interesting... As a class we are very small, so our discussions tend to be deep and meaningful (ususally over food).

This last day or so has been intense discussion-wise. It's the last proper time we see everyone who has started at the same time as us, some crazy people will graduate in a year or so. Others will take their time and maybe never graduate... I think I fall some where inbetween.

I'm dissatisfied with my performance so far, I could do better. I'm starting to realise that (unsurprisingly) I really need help on this one. I really need guidance and most of all I really need someone to spell check my work before I hand it in.

It's great to see people who are really passionate about their own young people while they are here. Stories of lads who've drastically changed whilst in a youth workers care, youth workers who go the extra mile to make sure that the young person they are dealing with achieves as best they can.

I just wish I could write well, even if it was only for a day a week. Then at least I'd pass essays the first time round!!