Friday, February 20, 2009


"What else will distinguish us?"

{ONEL!FE} is an organisation designed to support and encourage young leaders. They do this by holding conferences and taking some of those leaders to Uganda in the summer. Many of the young leaders from St Andrew's Chorleywood are on the team, and they did a brilliant job at looking after us while we were at conference A.

This years theme was "what else will distinguish us?" based on Exodus 33 and the transformational leadership of Moses. Not only were there some great speakers (Mark Waterfield, Pete Wynter, Greg Downes, Emily Vesey and David Pytches) there were also some great people to hang out with.

Of course we are distinguished by God, by what he has called us to do and be part of (and did you know that calling is irrevocable? Rm11v29) but it's about letting that call distinguish us in the way we live, lead and work. We know we are different, but we don't live it out much.

Pete Wynter talked about going deeper into the presence of God and taking it with us wherever we go. Hark back 3 months and Youth Work the conference is talking about the exact same thing. Maybe there is something in this deeper thing!

Small conferences are great, big conferences are great (if you know a small group of people). I'll be taking some young people to YLC next year, wherever I might be.

I really love church! I love going to different places across the world and knowing that I can find home there.