Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Twin-ness is great. I really love being a twin.

And no, we don't have a sixth sense, but our brains are wired pretty similarly. this is really helpful when attempting to find each other in a crowd or when arriving seperately at the biggest shopping mall in Europe/a tube station with a million exits.

We're better friends now than when we were growing up, and the skill of finding each other becomes better each time we meet up.

Saw Hairspray tonight at the Shaftsbury Theatre with said twin. It was brilliant! Especially an ad-libbing Michael Ball wearing a dress. Ben James-Ellis ('of any dream will do' fame) left a little to be desired and he over-acted his dancing in places (didn't know you could do that, but you can), apart from that he was very good. Leanne Jones makes a great Tracy and probably held the Baltimore accent for the longest! Tough work. And Raquel Jones who plays Inez has an amazing voice.

Go and see Hairspray!