Saturday, June 05, 2010

JM Wembley Arena 27/05/10

Well, what can I say? As always John Mayer is never one to disappoint. I don't really like Wembley Arena as a venue, it's not at all intimate, but somehow Mayer just pulled the whole crowd up on to the stage as if he was just playing to me.

He opened with Why Georgia, and it just got better from there on in. We had Your Body is a Wonderland and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. There was one point where he stopped and got a girl in the front row to sing Edge of Desire with him, and the whole of Wembley Arena was silent for a minute while they sang. It was incredible.

He closed with Half of my Heart and encored with No Such Thing and Gravity.

I have never been to a better gig. Definite 5 stars.

As a support act Ellie Goulding was good, though not as big a stage presence. He music passed and there wasn't a lot to it. Though she can play guitar and drums! Pretty fun to watch.