Saturday, June 26, 2010

Schools Work

It's that time of year again where I spend most of my days in school working with younger children. This year I'm going on the church trips, the river trips and going in to teach year 8 about Christianity.

It's really good to see the children working together, behaving well and actually learning while they are going. Museums Luton do a brilliant session at the River Lea which is on my home patch, so I get to spend the day hanging out at the river and enjoying learning about it all. I think if i ever went into formal education, I really wouldn't mind schools work with a museum.

I'm not massively looking forward to teaching Christianity this year, but I was encouraged yesterday that even by being who I am, accessing the authority given me by God and being real, I can and will shine the light of Jesus to the children I come across. it's time to take a deep breath and run into the arms to God, knowing He'll carry me through, be standing up with me and working by his spirit.

I am no loved more or less, and I'm glad that love from God is unconditional. Here we go again...