Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All in time

I don't often blog, so I often get out blogged. Dad always does a pretty good job of blogging about events in our family, before I get the chance to switch my archaic laptop on and wait for it to warm up (no - I will not buy a Mac). so he has already talked about the weekend's events.

On Sunday Mum, Dad and Liz met Robert for the first time via the loveliness of Skype. At this point in my life I really love technology, it keeps me in touch with the people I care about the most. I especially love it when it works.

This was a momentous occasion, and probably one of the strangest in my life. But it was really, really good. We had a good meal at a pub recommended by a friend, Dad's written about that too. And the joys of google maps helped us find the place. I could have found it without a map, but better to have dinner than be lost!

We are all back to work for a short week this week, ending in Mike turning 21. Which is scary. Yet again a reminder that we are all growing up and moving on with life. I'm looking forward to celebrating with them and seeing family again.

But before that there is time for one last fun thing as the summer comes to a close. On Tuesday we visited Adventure Island on Southend sea front. This is a place me and my siblings were taken to as a treat. I love it. It's a small theme park, packed with rides and loads of people, with hardly any queueing time. We were on and off rides like you wouldn't believe. The girls i was with managed to get me on Rage. I was terrified! I'm not doing that again any time soon. I had some of the best conversations of the day strapped into a rollercoaster, it makes you a captive audience.

The summer has been full of adventure! Not least this one: this is it!