Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The last two weeks have been particularly busy, first week was LCET camp. If you haven't heard of LCET before click the link and find out some more. They do amazing work with young people across Luton.

I went on their summer camp for the first time this year. We took 60ish young people to Alton Castle (that was a fun part of being in America, getting to tell everyone I was staying in a castle) which is near Alton Towers. So near that you can hear the screams from the rides! It was a beautiful castle, lovely grounds and great young people. We had a very good week, listening to the LCET staff talk about the young people, you can hear their passion and empathy. God is really working through them.

Then young people from St Hugh's headed off to Soul Survivor for the week. We had a few success stories throughout the week, young people becoming Christians, hearts being broken for new ministries and me being able to mass cater for 16 hungry people! It was a brilliant week, St Hugh's family really does tranplant to wherever it is taken. We had a very family based week, which most of the young people responded to well.

It's been a long two weeks for a number of reasons. Time for some sleep.