Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8 days

Within 8 days we will have a Yes or No about me being able to enter the U S of A with my husband at the end of July permanently.

We have to be at the US Embassy in London at 8am! Given my case number, I think I was the first person of the year to be processed in my category, but I could be wrong. I can't believe that the process which started in October is now 8 days out from being done. I guess 8 months is a long wait and 9 months after the process started we'll begin a new phase in our life! 9 months feels like a really long time... that's probably little preparation for the next time we have to wait 9 months for a phase change!!

If you could remember us the night before, or on your way to work that morning, as you pray, that would be great. This is the last 5% of the process.

After that I shall start to think about moving. I was putting away clothes and I am looking forward to two things 1) being warm, and 2) knowing that 'summer' really means hot weather. Though Robert's expecting that my pollen allergies might make me hate summer, more than the heat. We'll see.

Upon reflection, I think we always transition and adapt, whatever life stage we are in. It's a constant change that makes you appreciate the stable, unchanging things in life.