Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And so we leave...

We are leaving for the States on Friday.

We've been in this process for a year now, from talking and thinking, to paperwork and money spent, interview and queues, more paperwork and a wait for the post to arrive. A whole year of life changing things have happened, leaving St Hugh's, moving home, and various other things that are family based. I'm most excited about all the babies that will be arriving over the next few months. None of which are mine, it's not that kind of blog post!

So here it is, my horrible visa photo.
I don't photograph well went I can't smile, at least that's my excuse.

We shall get on a plane and leave just days before the Olympics makes living in London hard and will have to watch any British success via buffering BBC world.

I'm most excited about arriving with no fixed leaving date, settling in and knowing that I have a permanent English-American translator by my side, who has sat and listened while I have been scared about leaving my family.

L-R Nan, Mike, Jess, Robert, Me, Liz, Andy, Mum and Dad & Brody in front.

Everyone on Mum's side (minus 4)
Boys - Dad, Robert, Mike, Adam, Graham, Andy 
Girls - Me, Mum, Jess, Liz, Joy, Tasha, Kerrie.

Every one on Dad's side of the family.

We've all grown up so much, and now we say goodbye. But not forever and with trips planned.