Thursday, November 08, 2012

Home; Sweet Home Alabama!

We are just 3.5 months into our lives in America and we are settled into a lovely apartment, easy jobs that fit us for now and great friends to be around.

I passed my driving test with ease and didn't have to sit around too long. So now I can drive in Alabama and all over America without having to take all my ID's with me. It also means that I get to drive a 15-seater minibus for an hour a day, collecting children from Opelika schools. That's definitely a good thing about each day.

It's really good to be working again and doing something that I really enjoy. I'm currently in a classroom with 9 under 12 month olds and 2 other teachers. We are rushed off our feet some times, but other times we just enjoy playing and hanging out with the babies. I love being a daycare teacher. My lovely Mother In Law was a daycare teacher and worked her way up to director, so we have a whole bunch to talk about now. It's amazing how similar and different a care profession can be in a couple of decades.

We are alive and well, happy and fed. It's good to be here.