Saturday, September 21, 2013

Numbers week again

This week is a week of numbers again.

Today Robbie is 33 weeks and growing. Robert thinks we only have about 5 more weeks to go with his guess at 30th October. Which will make Robbie the second October baby in the family. I'm close to waddling around at work and still able to do. So while I can I will. I have a doctors appointment next Wednesday, and then it'll be a week 35 (ish) check up for Strep and other things. I'm lying if say I'm completely calm about that, since I dreamt last night that I was already in labour! Ha. When Robbie is asleep he's on his side, back turned toward the outside world and is still just small enough to curl up horizontally across my body. He also favours my right side at the end of the day, its strange to feel hard feet, butt and spine. He still hasn't performed for the ladies at work too much.

On Tuesday Mum and Dad will have been married for 30 years! This is a huge achievement! It's crazy to think about, Robert and I are a tenth of the way there almost. Only 27 more years to go. This is by far my favourite picture of Mum this year! Dad promises she hadn't had anything to drink yet, but I don't think I got the full story on that one (I still laugh every time I see this picture and the close up is even funnier to me). Dad of course is the one taking all the pictures, so there aren't many of him.

On Wednesday the smallest of the Fishers turns 1. Can't believe its been a whole year since this little boy arrived already. Andy and Jess are fantastic parents. It'll be a few months before we meet him, I cannot wait to get home and see him for the first time.

Since I last wrote the collective Litton/Fisher/Harmsworth/Harmsworth-Blyth family has a new addition. Aston Spencer Harmsworth-Blyth arrived on 1st September. He was a little early, but perfectly formed. Very proud of Tasha! (For those who have just joined Tasha is married to Graham, my cousin on my Dad's side)

In the next month we celebrate 3 years of marriage, there will be a new Fisher (by marriage), Isla-Rose turns 1 and maybe there will be a new Litton. I know why I'm writing all this now, because in years to come I'll still have to remember all these dates and this is the best way to do it!