Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby Shower (Litton/Coomlers)

I am blessed enough to have a fantastic set of in-laws. My Mother in Law is one of the kindest ladies I know. The first time I met her we really connected and ever since its been such an easy relationship.

I am also totally blessed that her family seem to have taken me on board so much so that they put a bunch of effort into throwing me a baby shower a few weeks ago.

We had chosen The Lion King as a theme for baby Litton before we knew he was a he. So that was an easy theme for the party. I love the yellows, greens and browns.

My lovely mother in law went about getting a list together of everyone who would be able to come and we sent invites out. Her brother hosted the party, and all he had to do was look after Grandpa while we were out.

I had a great low stress day and saw lots of family and friends who I hadn't seen for a while. The Coomler ladies sure do know how to put on a party!

Julie (Robert's Cousin) helped with decorating.

Diaper/Nappy cake from Josh, Amanda and Abby

Julies fantastic flowers made from socks
Nan Leaver and Nan Litton both came with me on the trip. And so did Liz.