Monday, October 17, 2005

Cov Weekend

Just got in from a very busy weekend.

Lots of hours spent on the train on Saturday meant I got to see roughly 30 people (including the Carters and some random people!) I know from Luton and YfC.

It was very exciting, for some reason I woke up very nervous and spent most of the train jouney reading to try and calm myself down. Didn't work. But once I'd seen Christine I was ok.

So the day went on. Kurios were fantastic this year. Really enojoyed their set, no tenuos links either! Very imprressed.

Got home really early because I was feeling exhausted.

Sunday was good, harder than before. Two groups that think talking is fantastic and should be done all the time.

Then got in this morning and had a prayer meeting with the team. So its all good.