Monday, October 10, 2005

I live in a dangerous place

The car nearly got broken into last night, whilst it was parked outside someones house (not mine). So not only is the passenger side wing mirror off, but the lock on the same side is now very broken.

Its very very sad, but I'm also becoming more and more convinced of God's ability to protect us all the time. He's fantastic! For some reason the person gave up trying to break in and I'm very glad that they did, that car has a lot of sentimental value to the people we are borrowing it from.

I now have a timetable also. Consists of time-off and preparation time. But in Church work there is no such thing as 9 til 5 and I'm more likely to be doing 9 til 9 or later.

In other news, by Christmas I might be a 'right little ninja' with the flexibility of a cat. I've been to kick boxing once! It hurt, but I'll go along again soon.

This week also consists of being prayed for by old people, sex ed training in Hereford and going to Coventry for commissioning. I'm well excited!