Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yes, I found out that I can be responsible. I was in a discipline position yesterday and to my amazement it worked (for a little bit).

Its all good, apart from the lack of kick boxing due to meetings. But I shall not fail to go next week, although it absolutely kills. Does make the LibertyX DVD seem very feeble.

And the joys of early mornings, tomorrow we start at 8 which means getting a bus at 7.15. Coffee on the go I think.

Just have to do a link, follow it, you might be quite surprised.

More from the Welsh phrase book:
araf - slow
allanfa - exit
coed - wood
Ty - house
caerdydd - Cardiff
ddinas - centre
N.B. "dd" is th, caer is care and coed is coyd (not co-ed like the americans pronounced it the other day!)