Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Boys on the wall

I wanted to say fence, but I thought I'd just be honest.

There is a massive wall at the back of the tiny 'garden' here in Splott. This would be a fine scenario for keeping out potential burglars and boys who aren't supposed to be playing footie on the other side of the wall. However there happens to be a massive tree on the other side of the wall also.

Boys... please feel free to climb the tree, stand on the wall (which I'm sure is trespassing), pelt your friends with cherries and leaves from the tree and then feign innocence when the people who live in the house come out to tell you off!

Now I wouldn't be so bothered if I wasn't a youth worker, and absolutely desperate to understand wy boys find such things amusing, when there is clearly a World Cup going on.

GET OFF THE WALL! I don't want paramedics walking through the house to fix your broken arm/leg/head. Kids response 'Well you can call the police while you are at it'

Rant over. If they are on the wall again when I get in tomorrow I might have my dinner in the 'garden', or buy a tazer gun to shoot at them! Hmmm...

So how will England do tomorrow afternoon? Feel free to rub it in my face, I shall not be sitting in front of the TV. Tomorrow is the only day I have to sit inside all day. SUCKS!