Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do you remember when...?

Just thinking ahead to the weekend, even though its only Wednesday.

I graduate again this Saturday, 2nd time in a year. I was talking to my Dad, and asking 'do you remember when...?'(it's also a Jack Johnson song). It's clear that he had a completely different view and perspective to me. He even has a better memory!

So I started thinking about stuff I've done this year and how all my team's experiences will differ. We get to the end of one week and have a dicussion and it seems that we've all had totally different weeks.

God makes us to be completely individual from each other... even identical twins. Yes, we may share things, a bedroom (for 18 years), a blood type (I'm A-, ask me about the first time I gave blood, it's hiliarious) and firends (you know who you are and how much you mean!). We no longer share an identity and don't exist as a pair any more.

We grow up and out! God made us to become maturer with him or with out him, he made us to have a choice too.

I'm sad and excited about the weekend and the year ahead. Lots of changes again. Life gets less simple as the days go by.

It's time to start saying goodbye to Cardiff. 1 month to go. The next time I'll be counting down will be to Liz's wedding.