Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Honestly... I have nothing to do

New newsletter ladies and gents! Can be found here.

It's all said and mostly done now. The weekend away will offer a large chunk on entertainment for the following few weeks, but as far as I can see (which isn't very far due to sight deteriorating daily), that's it for the year.

I still have a few youth work things to do, and I should probably spend some time tiding, but hey!

Got a lovely day off tomorrow, in which I intend to watch ER and Without a Trace and maybe go shopping, but probably just go back to sleep.

On Friday I will be pining after Westlife as they visit Cardiff while I am here. Not only have I missed the Take That come back tour, I will also forgo spending £35 to stand in a field to watch the lovely Irish boys singing their hearts out.

Call me sad, call me whatever you want! Bofered, face, bofered!