Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday, monday!

I've worked hard in the last few days.

Done some stuffing, done some youth work, seen Pirates of the Caribbean 2, been to a food fair and basically laid about in the shade.

Successfully managed 3 days off in a row, due to an oversight by the Youth worker in Porth, so instead did some paid work! Hurrah for the little bit of extra money that will see me through til my first pay check!

Ladies and Gents, if you do find yourself wandering towards a cinema heading for a showing of Pirates 2, please make sure you have refreshed your memory with Pirates 1!

Who goes to watch the second out of 3 without seeing the first? And I'm definitely waiting for the box set... if 3 is longer than 2 I will not be impressed!

I'm not giving anything away, but I'll go and see it again!