Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nearly there

Well, I happen to be about 3 days away from leaving Wales. Its been a busy week. Some of our team have already gone home.

It's be a brilliant year, but I'm sure you know that already... I think I may have bored some people with how good this year has been.

I asked for a challenge and I think I got one. I'm not sure what I have learnt, and how much will stick but I know that I have learnt a lot and I hope it'll all help me when I go to Luton.

So as a last ditch attempt to hold on to the past, let me introduce my lovely youth group (on the weekend away):
Youth Group

And the leaders:

And me making a fool of myself:
Me - singing

Been a great year... Can't really make any more comments, I think I've said it all.