Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nearly there

Well, I happen to be about 3 days away from leaving Wales. Its been a busy week. Some of our team have already gone home.

It's be a brilliant year, but I'm sure you know that already... I think I may have bored some people with how good this year has been.

I asked for a challenge and I think I got one. I'm not sure what I have learnt, and how much will stick but I know that I have learnt a lot and I hope it'll all help me when I go to Luton.

So as a last ditch attempt to hold on to the past, let me introduce my lovely youth group (on the weekend away):
Youth Group

And the leaders:

And me making a fool of myself:
Me - singing

Been a great year... Can't really make any more comments, I think I've said it all.


Jana said...

You look like you're in your element there with your youth group! I can tell just when chatting to you how much this year has done for you. Praying for you as you head back to a familiar town but not a familiar situation. Love you loads! jman xxx

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it has been a good year, hasn't it? I almost forgot that you guys were still chugging away. Also, I was planning on giving you a yell on the 18th, but you know me, not knowing what day it is from day to day and all. It's because the calendar's trying to trick me.

Anyway, finish strong, Care Bear. May it go well with you in Luton.
-guess who?

Karen said...

Joshua Boston, it's been a great year. Yea, you could have yelled at me on my birthday, but I don't think I would have appreciated it much...

You are the only person in the world who has ever called me Care Bear, may it stay that way.


gill said...

lookin forward to seein u miss. iv missed uuuu!! love youuu and hope u had a gr8 bday =] i wud hav txt but i was in spain!! xxxxx

Chris said...

Kazzywazzy... you're coming home.. (I bet no one has called you that, either... please don't hit me!)

Mr Brightside is playing right now, it makes me think of you.. and all the times you show me how to laugh at myself.

I need those times back!