Monday, September 17, 2007


I just listened to John Mayer singing to me down the phone!!

Ok he was singing to other people in the Albert Hall, but Christine was kind enough to ring me and share "Dreaming with a Broken heart", "No Such Thing" (which I'm told I heard, but I couldn't make it out) "Gravity" and "Why Georgia" (the encore).

Why am I not at the Albert Hall drooling on Mr Mayer's feet (that is how close I would be)? Because I'm in Leicester at the beginning of launch week fir my MA. I'm absolutely petrified (still) and have the feeling that I will be glued to my laptop for the next three years. Distance learning will definitely answer the question "how disciplined am I?".

Anyway... back to the fact that I'm missing John Mayer for the 2nd time in a year. His visits to the UK better become more frequent, or I'll be travelling to see him soon.

God has me on all this MA stuff, but I wish he's aduibly give me directions when I'm driving. Leicester is a confusing city with enough road rings to make even the most confident out of town driver (not me by the way) scared.