Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh Canada!

I'm back in the UK and I'm tired, but there is always time to blog.

After the wedding (see below), I spent some time hanging out with the Pullman clan, saw a hockey practice and ate lots.

Then I travelled to Calgary with Becky, Bryan and Bentley (their dog). Spent a few days in Calgary, the Zoo, the museum, shops, coffee shops, hotel, more coffe shops and saw the new Mrs McConachie. That was probably one of the most exciting things. Realised that the zo and museum are not really fun unless you have some one to share with!

Then I had an 18 hour bus journey ahead of me... which I was uite excited about. Don't ask why, 'the 1' which is the main highway, running the width of the country is a rubbish road in places and it's all flat between Calgary and Winnipeg... boring!! I slept for the most part and had proper canadian breakfast in Brandon (2.5 hours from Winnipeg).

I did get to stop in a place called Medicine Hat, drove by Caronport (where the weddin was) and then was in Regina in the dead of night. 18 hours on a bus, by yourself is no fun!

Next time I go away for that long, will some one come with me?

It was good to see Jana and Derek on Saturday and Sunday, to sleep in a bed and eat like there really was no tomorrow. Time for sleep...