Monday, April 28, 2008

"When you let boys in your room" Part 1

There's a lot to be said for boys, they are helpful, strong and will generally rise to a challenge.

So when Jude's parent's dropped off a double bed for me, we realised we'd need a few boys to help set it up at leaset.

Challenge set, and the result was this:

So I have two beds in my room, and I slept pretty well last night. That's one double bed and a single bed frame on it's end.

I'm waiting for part two, which needs an alan key and an electric drill, neither of which the house currently has.

Weekend away was good. Here is some of the countryside behind the house we were staying in.

I got to teach, hang out with friends and be part of my larger Luton family in a more concrete way. It was very enjoyable and the sun came out. It's amazing how the sun can recharge batteries. I sat in the sun all afternoon, didn't get burnt, but felt like I'd slept an entire day!

Wonderful people, wonderful surroundings and a competitive Vicar's quiz, which made for a great weekend!