Sunday, January 06, 2013

Parents for Christmas

Five months into this whole thing and we have just said goodbye to our first visitors from overseas. Mum and Dad came to stay for two whole weeks, covering Christmas and New Years. I was very happy to see them and very happy to host them too. They arrived with some idea of what they wanted to do, but not really having any firm plans other than seeing The Hobbit at a Drive-in. 

So two weeks has been a long and short time it seems. I've walked with them around Auburn and was sad that we couldn't walk into Jordan Hare Stadium, it's so huge from the outside. We weren't the only family trying to visit the stadium that Saturday. They've had Cracker Barrel, Toomer's Lemonade, Chick-fil-a, and driven a whole bunch of miles without really realising. 

We've been to Huntsville, Gadsden and Atlanta, they visited Montgomery, FDR's Little White House and a local park. We've been to Callaway Gardens and had a country Christmas (courtesy of Leigh and Brent's families.). They've tried 3 types of bbq and various amounts of cornbread, biscuits and attempted to get hot tea in many places (Cracker barrel was the best).

It's been great to have them over for two weeks. I'm looking forward to having more visitors.