Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Dream Grows a Little Every Day

This post has been a while coming, it's mostly here because I've found my energy again.

Here we are living life right now. We're both working, both happy and everyone around us is pretty good too. We are 10 months in to our lives in America it's been really good so far.

Culturally I'm almost integrated! People still ask me where I'm from and how I ended up here, but mostly people still gawk and I just carry on with life. People at work are adjusted enough to me that I can speak at normal pace and be understood. There's the occasional moment of mis-communication, however that's just human beings! What's funny is people in Alabama thinking they don't have an accent.

Anyway, I'm stalling. The big update announcement for this blog is that we're having a baby! A tiny little Litton is growing right now. Here is the latest picture of the baby, hands up. She danced around for us too. Now we don't know if she is a she or a he yet. We'll find out soon enough.
Baby is amazing. She's growing so good (she's a bit bigger now), so far hasn't caused any problems and now people can see she's coming too. It's a very exciting time. I'm very happy to be having a baby and adding one more to us. I promise to have more up dates as we go.
This is us a few weeks ago, at Robert's friends wedding. My first American wedding (apart from my own!) and it was short, very sweet, and followed by a tornado warning!! It was a beautiful thing to be attending, I'm glad we got to go. It seems that we are going to be reconnecting with people for a while yet.

Sorry if we haven't seen you yet, we're getting there.

This little boy will have an American cousin just a year younger than him. Super exciting! Also his parents will be getting married, so we'll be returning to the UK for the wedding. And we'll finally meet this boy and my cousins little children then. Cannot wait! So there we are, as up to date as we can be! (If you click the picture you'll go to Amanda's Website - she took the gorgeous photo)