Monday, June 17, 2013


I promised myself that I would keep a more up-to-date blog as I got more and more pregnant, because as I do, I would like to have something to look back upon and think about.

My first observance is more of a short lived annoyance. From day 1 of being pregnant, I have found that nobody tells you anything of any use! Whilst this statement is not entirely true, it is pretty close. We turned up to the doctors on Thursday with the thought that we would find out if we were having a boy or a girl. When we finally got seen (an hour later) we were told our visit would be a short one and not an informative one at that.

The lovely nurse really helped us out, she is the first one who has actually listened to us as we shared our concerns about our doctor's office staff, nurses and generally being pregnant. Being a first time mum is hard enough as it is, it's even harder if you are not told anything.

I have unfortunately found this to be a trend amongst medical professionals in the US and UK. In the US you aren't told a needle is approaching, or what's about to happen. In the UK you maybe told everything, but it is at lightning pace with some quick fix solutions. Neither is right, at the moment I can tell you which one I prefer (yep UK wins this time).

Any how, my so kindly offered solution for first time mum is a written list of what to expect and when. Week-by-week. I don't need to know things that will scare me, but I do I like to know what to expect at each visit. I understand this may change/be added to if mine or my baby's health is at risk. But a basic list cannot help. Some mum's might throw it away, but I would have had that on my fridge just so the unexpected doesn't turn me into mum-zilla from hell when I don't get what I want/need.

On to the more exciting news! We are pleased to announce that we are having a girl!! So far so good on the growing front, she's kicking me at night mostly that I can feel. On Thursday she looked a little scrunched up, stretching her long legs and arms up towards my ribs rather than out towards my sides. She already has a name, Madelyn Josephine. After Nan's on both sides.

The original Madelyn was a great woman, I only knew her for a year, but every time we talked I knew how much she loved Robert and I. Sadly she won't get to meet this Madelyn, but I know that we'll be telling her all about her Great Nan.

The original Josephine is still alive and well, and living in the UK. We lived with her for a while before we moved back to the states. She gave her name to my Mum and I now have it as my middle name. So Madelyn Josephine is a 4th generation Josephine. And I'm already so proud of her.

People ask me if we had names picked out already. I remember the day we picked this one. It was the day we got married!! Some parents think over names for as long as they are pregnant and even longer in some cases. We knew right off (2 years before we were even thinking about getting pregnant!). One of the easiest decisions ever. Now if we have another girl, that's going to be harder!

Here's me at 18 weeks and 3 days, just after we told Andy, Jess and Leo. And before we celebrated Father's Day with the Coomler side of the family. I can tell you, I feel a bunch bigger than this in real life!