Saturday, June 22, 2013

When you're wrong, you're wrong!

Well, just a little additional update from Monday's writings.

We got all ready for the 'big' scan which was happening Tuesday afternoon. I can occasionally feel the baby move, and every time we have a doctors appointment or a scan we give the baby a pep talk. Well Robert does. I just pray that everything is going to look ok and sound good too. 

Our Ultrasound Technician did all the measuring she needed to do, and she was very fast. She asked us if we wanted to find out what we are having. We said a definite yes, expecting to hear our thoughts confirmed!

But BOY were we wrong! As it turns out, with very definitive evidence we are having a boy. Here's a nice profile picture of Baby Boy!

He will be named after his father and grandfather. Robert Kenneth Litton III will arrive somewhere near the 9th November 2013.

We spent last weekend telling everyone girl and this week calling and telling everyone boy! All the things we have are neutral colors, which was planned from the start. We didn't want to collect a bunch of things until we definitely knew.

We have 20 weeks to go until we meet this boy, it'll be the longest and shortest time ever. Now just looking forward to celebrating babies, weddings, birthdays and 4th July!