Friday, August 27, 2004


Well, having been back from a week long holiday camp called Ignite, i am totally refreshed and filled with the Holy Spirit to the brim. I can't explain how much God means to me now. I wanna share everyting with everyone!

Over 40 people became Christian's and about 95% of the rest made recommitments to God (thats over 120 people). 23 kids from luton alone all of wich are now on fire for God!This years camp had an amazing maturity about it when it needed too. God moved in that place and in St Marys on the Sunday after. Each leader had learnt something this week and everyone really wants to see everyone again. The bond of a strong family has been created and its known.

I'm praying that God's work is done where thes kids have gone home to. Missing the safe secure world and knowing that I have to work just as hard as the kids to get Jesus' message across. Yeay for high risk youth work.

Ignite Pictures