Tuesday, August 31, 2004

He he ha ha!

Ok call me mean, call me what ever you like, the question is, is it wrong to tease your youth group about older members of the congregation? To be honest with you I don't think its too much of a bad idea, especially when a large majority of them have spent the last year or so trying to set you up with every bloke that walked in the door (including one's that were engaged!).

Having spent a great deal of my time in Luton stuggling with self-control and a little bit unrequited love, I feel it only fair to question the intentions of my youth group in a jokey way. I need to know where they stand on relationships in general. There is one girl who I would say has a very mature attitude to the outside world, but boys are still abit of a raw subject with her. Mainly because her older brother is a bit of a magnet, she has to deal with his life, not hers. All very innocently as well. Wish I was still that innocent. But I guess growing up and moving away from home came as part of life.

I'm just thikning about what te next year means for me, this girl and the boy involved. For me it definitely means more growing up, having more adult relationships and proper outlets. Before Uni if I couldn't handle stuff I used to walk away and cry alot. Now I stick at it and only walk away if it's got on top of me. Then I have to shift my focus from the future and graduating to look at doing my dissertation. Yes, for thise who are doing or have done Uni, I'm doing it a little backwards. Thinking about a post-graduate job before I've even started my third & final year. For this girl I guess it means growing into a school and a new found, stronger faith. I know her very well and I hope to know her more in the next year. She said she wanted to share her faith with her school, I hope she does. We'll have her at the front of Church preaching before you know it. If I had to pick some one now to speak at me wedding, she'd be in the selection. And for the boy, well he's a completely different story for starters. I dunno where he is or where he intends to go. I hope that he can talk alot more next year. God is definitely working in him and I can imagine that he'll be alot more involved in Chruch life, from it's very youngest (at least that's what I'm praying).