Thursday, July 21, 2005

Busy Bee

The card my cell group brought me last night to say Happy Birthday and Goodbye all in one.

Pretty much sums up the last week.

The guy on case #2 was... well we couldn't actually decide. So we got discharged on Friday afternoon and we didn't have to go back. Yeay, that lead the way for what turned out to be a pretty awesome 6 days.

Saturday was weddings and parties all round. Mr and Mrs Hearing both looked fantastic, congratulations to them!! It was lovely to see them all dressed up and all their family and friends around them.

Then it was mine and Liz's 21st birthday party (pictures to follow I promise). We had a great night. Lots of dancing and drinking. Cakes made by Nan and speeches made by Dad and Andy. Laughed a lot.

Then on Sunday I did prayers with a hungover Mandy and took Selina back to Luton in time for church, which was great fun.

Monday was my actual 21st, so many presents, and lots of dancing again. I still ache lots.

Tuesday, Chris and I flew to Scotland to surprise Kurios the YFC Scotland band. That was amazing, band were good (but they had been up for 24 hours, so not perfect) and scenery was stunning. Lots of chatting with Jeff and lots of stories.

Flew back from there yesterday and had cell after dinner. Tim amd Ali sang 'kumbaya' and everyone else sang happy birthday. We prayed, watched some John Mayer and Chris has kindly put me up in her house for the night! Much appreciated.

So here I am on Thursday a full 6 days later, exhausted and happy. Couldn't have asked for anything more.