Monday, September 26, 2005

This could just be it!

Hello, sorry I have been prety much non-existent this week. Lots on and now my manager has come back from her honeymoon, so even more work on our plates.

And I've just been given the opportunity to do some sex ed training with Oasis for next year. Very helpful learning experience.

So there you go, I'm very happy at the moment. The only thing that is really getting me down is the fact that I'm so far away from everyone at home. But that will all change pretty soon as I'm taking my day off to see some special people.

Have realised though that anywhere from here is pretty distant. 4 hours home, 4 hours to Luton and at least an hour to Cheltenham. Hopefully those are all trips I will be doing soon.

Seen God at work a lot recently. I was up in the South Wales Valleys yesterday, and did some major thanking of God for my experience at Luton Uni. If you want to know just ask, its a bit hard to explain some times.

So we're starting a school outreach up there on Friday, I've got the opportunity to lead a youth (11-14's) cell group every other Sunday and base the work I do in the 11-18's range. God is being very good to me.

By the way Michael - I'm in Cardiff, they 'forget' the c in ll! I think they are just being lazy!