Monday, September 12, 2005


Would be more imaginative, but I've had a long, long day. And I'm only here for reasons of youth group that is later on tonight.

I met the team and got the timetable for the next three weeks this morning. Very interesting to see who is who and who is doing what.

Did you know buses in Cardiff town centre don't give change? I was stunned this morning to find that out (I did have the exact amonut in my purse which makes me think Jesus does want me to be here). Oh well I get a bus pass on Wednesday.

Keep praying for me and sending me encouragements, mail amd email. I now have enough money for the first term's installment, thanks to everyone and GOD (its the 2nd and 3rd I'm now praying into).

Have to go and eat, have more coffee and set up for my first youth club of the year.


john cowart said...

Enjoy your bus rides, but I'm still praying for a car for you.

Question: Did you ever post your support letter as a blog or did I miss something?

tasha said...

im praying for you karen and i miss you lots!
enjoy the bus journies, thats well rude that they dont give out change! im shocked :0 lol
god bless u loads hun
love always x x x x x

Chris said...

Loooovvving yoooo-ouuu is easy 'cause you're beautifuuul....

She said "well, anyway" just dying for a subject change....

Why, is your beauty too delicate a topic for you? Ok, ok... I'll stop...

I'm just leaving random comments now, am happy to have wifi working on my laptop!

Love you loads, Karen.