Monday, September 19, 2005

Another Monday Morning

So this is how it feels to be up and about on a Monday! I haven't done a full weeks work for a while and now I know how it feels.

So far its been good. I'm starting to find my way around and even got a lift into work this morning, so we left 25 mins later and were still (pretty much) on time. As in any city, traffic in Cardiff in the morning is harsh. Lots of buses in the way and mad people generally.

Had an amazingly short staff meeting. That's it for this week so far.

Last night I went to Pubchurch and I think that where I might go back to. There are some good people ther, including one girl I've met before, although she was touring so she doesn't remember me. It was good to see so many individuals coming together and we had a laugh.

This afternooon I'm on Admin duty, and tomorrow we're prayer walking around Llanedeyrn (lan-ed-in - I'm starting a welsh phrase book). Much fun!