Monday, January 23, 2006

Chocolate fon-don't

Many exciting things have happened this weekend.

Porth, as always, was amazing. The guys in the Valleys live as part of a small community and are really going for God. The group is growing and I'm learning a lot about the advantages of detached youth work.

Saturday was a shopping day with the girls... it's some one's birthday soon and I had a lot of things to buy with no money, but it all got done and I'm quite excited now!

The team are starting to get comfortable again, and living in each other's pockets is always helpful. God's grace is getting us through, there are a few 'I'm sorry's flying around, but it's all part of growing up.

Suday was crazy, I was leading the 10-14's in the morning and the 11-14's in the evening. I had two amazing co-leaders and got through both of them realitively unscathed.

The 11-14's small group in the evening is a new thing, so we are building relationships by eating together as often as we can. Which is where the chocolate (siocled) comes in...

8 youth + 2 leaders, 3 bowls of chocolate, lots of fruit and hula hoops (yes crisps) lasts about 15 minutes.

It was great fun, and we even played a few games. So it begins, having ownership of something so fundamental to church life is an interesting position to be in. Pray that we get some male leaders soon.

Sorry (edifaru) - have been a bit slack on the random welsh word front...
God - Duw
Pub - tafarn
(remembering that a single f is pronounced v - you get tavarn, sound familiar?)
until - nes
News - newydd