Thursday, January 19, 2006

To do

Been discovering a lot about time management recently. Starting to write to do lists before I do anything to stop me from forgetting things.

It'd been a tough couple of weeks, suddenly being back in Cardiff and having to adjust. I do such a good job of painting a very rosy picture, I forget to mention that life is hard.

The money has almost rolled in for this term, I love that I can rely on the creator of the universe to provide for me. I still have a way to go, but thank you to everyone who is putting money and prayers in to me this year. My appreciation for you goes up everyday.

Honesty hasn't really been something I struggle with til recently.

Now I'm finding myself in many positions where honesty means that I have to face raw emotion, things I'm yet to address being so young.

One of these is facing the fact that I'm miles away from close family and still finding my church family unbearable on days.

Many of you know my grandad is really unwell and hearing how he is getting on always makes me cry. I love him so much and I'm in Wales. Nothing I can do but wait for news, which is hard to get if the lines of communication are tied up in other things.

I miss people the most. Just having people who really understand me.

I some times wish I could say loads more... but it feels like the person who needs to read it never will.