Monday, January 09, 2006

Some things just sound better

So having been back at work for 4 days, on Friday Ruth drove her and I to Porth for our first of many weekly visits.

I started Friday with lots of anticipation for what might go on that night. Emma and John had asked the youth to raise money for a church trip to Romania by staying up for 11 hours in the church building.

Sounded like fun, so I agreed.

We had loads of things planned, but just ended up having a laugh with the 10 members that turned up. A good night, but because I haven't done it for a while and am still recovering from being ill, it did me in.

I just finished sleeping for 7 hours on saturday, got up and went out, then had a relaxing day Sunday. Trouble is I couldn't get up this morning and have spent the day at home in prep for a week of meetings.

It's been good to have a day off... watch this space for the productiveness that comes out of it.

Was thinking about a few things in the dark hours of Saturday morning and put them all to order this afternoon. Some things do just sound better... no doubt about it!