Friday, January 13, 2006

More News

Just to let you know, my latest newsletter can be found here

And also an end of week up date really.

Its been busy this week, not much time spent just chillin'. And yesterday we started a course within a course at my church.

The Ignite Leadership Academy is something completely different from anything I've done before. I think this is because one of the definite course requirements is to find 5 people to sign the Ignite commitment. Kind of strange just because we don't know much about it, and we now have to find 5 people and get them to sign up.

We'll be doing this til the end of the year (which is 6 months away), so by the weekend away (mid-feb) we should really know what we are talking about.

So far I've learnt to teach Sex education, what my purpose in life is (living for God), critiqued the book (don't get me started), leart CPR and got loads of new friends.

This year is going pretty well and a relatively good week is about to end.

Next week looks more fun, I've got rehearsals all saturday and Sunday afternoon for a performance on Monday. Once that is out of the way we shall be well inducted into Cardiff life and starting to call it home.

Slowly looking at getting a job btw, and realising how important it is for me to be single and relying on God.