Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back to work proper

The rest of Soccer School was great. Amazing kids and even more amazing coaches, made the week fly by.

God really loves all of those people who helped out and all the parents that came along on Friday to watch all 6 matches (all going on at once) be hijacked by a black bulldog.

The littlest guys just wanted to pat the over excited dog... the older they get the more scared they seemed to be. I then realised that the kids who were scared don't have pets at home.

We are afraid of the unknown, unless the the majority is unknown, then we seem to be more willing to learn.

So after distracting the dog and finishing the matches we all went inside for awards. Then it was left to the coaching team to tidy up the bulding and have a final pray. Soccer School done for another year, with an invitation to return next year.

I have realised the value of one-on-one dedicated volunteers. God had a big hand on this last week, He's been really helpful.

Deposit is down for the country house and small church for next year... wedding fever is about to errupt, but I have a funeral to attend first. Such a busy time of year.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. My latest newsletter is available... drop me a line if I've missed you.