Sunday, April 09, 2006

At Home

So I got home safely on Friday, after sitting for a good half an hour in Liverpool Street station waiting for Dad. But I have lots of reading to do, so I made myself comfortable.

I'm gonna be working most of tomorrow. Trying to figure out where I want to go with my essays and the like.

We have begun the Easter story with the procession of Jesus into Jerusalem riding on a colt. Very interesting scenario. I've been thinking how morbid this situation would have been for Jesus, but at the same time the Jews were celebrating the arrival of a King who they thought would crush the Romans.

That created abit of discussion over the table at lunch time.

Tomorrow I will find myself having a big discussion with Jesus. It's 24-7 Prayer in Billericay this week. I need this prayer time more than ever. God's really gotta be in the next few days.

It's abit of a shame that Billericay Churches haven't caught the vision of prayer, and the guilt trip thing didn't really work this morning. But I trust that God is great and will completely work through this week.


Liz said...

Stubborn Billericay people - we're not evangelical at all! Have fun with your essays, I'll email you in a bit!

Chris said...

Apparently it's the 'Anglican thing' at the moment to follow a donkey on palm sunday.

That made me smile.

Michael said...

Hmm, someone once told about a countryside congregation being led round the graveyard, through a hedge and into a farmer's crops in humble submission to such a donkey's whim.