Monday, April 03, 2006

Schools out

Just got back from our last lesson as part of the Oasis Esteem series. Bless all the young people who have had to hear us say 'sex is great' numerous times during the lessons. They were very giggly today, especially after their very blank faces. Realised it must be very demoralising being a teacher.

So school has finished and the next time I go into a school should be as part of the Seduction presentations. That's not till the summer term.

Easter is just around the corner, and here Schools finish on Thursday or Friday. All the clubs are gearing towards easter and telling the story of Easter.

I'll be home by Saturday, wohoo!! Can't wait to see every one again.

Gonna go, got a staff review this afternoon and I should be starting reading for the two essays I've gotta do. Christian theology in written word with no space to ramble, this should be interesting.


Michael said...

Seduction presentations??
In school?

Karen said...

Hmmm, yeah, maybe I should explain that...

'The Seduction...' is part of the work Going Public does in schools. Its the lies and myths about sex and relationships highlighted for all to see.

Performed in schools, it gives the teachers a break from teaching and the students a fun morning. It's very funny, and a great tool for schools.

Thast my little sales pitch over with, hope that makes a little more sense and next time I talk about Cardiff, I'll remember that I have to explain myself!