Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yea... argh!!

Just got back from Luton. I have a job as a Youth Worker, and I'm gonna be by myself for the first year.

Big shock this morning. Diego won't be joining me when I start in September. His leaders in Sheffield think he needs to stay and finish the course he is doing. Which I think is fair enough. God's obviously got something planned for him for next year.

The girls, being teenage, hormonal and well, girls, got a bit distraught. Seemingly with good reason, the boys don't have a role model who interacts with them often. So the tears for Diego aren't unfounded, and the church youth are desperate for a man to fill the gap.

Felt a bit of a spare part, but only briefly. My line manager reassured me that they want me to come too.

I start in August, probably the day before Soul Survivor Week B, then I get to go to Soul Survivor. I take a breath and we are back into school... gonna be a long summer.

Thank you for your prayers. You are all stars.

I'm off to bed, I got ill yesterday and am going to get drugs from the doctor tomorrow, in anticipation that I will be rushed off my feet during Soccer School - 6 days to go!