Friday, May 05, 2006

My Family

I have to admit that as it stands, coming back to my family home is getting weirder and weirder. Not only are both my brothers growing up, they are also both still very much at home.

This makes for a very jovial atmosphere, well when they are playing decent music at a decent level. They still managed to duet on most things - a redition of Bon Jovi this morning made me laugh, and would make proper Bon Jovi fans cringe!

Bless them lots. They both work pretty hard, we'll see what happens for them.

Being at home means the conversation has turned to marriage. Argh! That would be my cue to run away screaming, especially since Mike (the youngest) has decided he's getting married before me (the eldest). Ha ha!

Anyway, less of that. More of the fact that summer seems to be arriving here! Wohoo, break out the skirts...


EveyQ said...

I agree with the screaming at mention of marriage. It seems much too adult of me at this point. And it isn't the going to the family home that is weird... it is the family : )

Liz said...

Though having said that, it was you that began the conversation about dresses for bridesmaids!! And hen dos. So not running away screaming are we? ;)

Karen said...

I didn't say that it was the mention of your marriage, I just said the mention of marriage by Mike!

I take full responsibility for trying to be organised for your wedding, but I don't want to hear any more about being married off! I am quite happy being able to move wherever I like, whenever I like.

nick b said...

I've been hearing lots about weddings from Ed... Apparently he's wearing a blue tie or something to match the bridesmaid's dresses.
Is this normal or can I mock him for being under the thumb?

Karen said...

Personally I would mock him. But then I'm not a pushy bride... Liz, what do you think?

Nick, he probably should match the bridesmaids, makes for nicer photo's. But to be honest, if he's a man he should be making decisions too!