Friday, May 26, 2006


Sadly I will have to admit that I'm am currently addicted to a few things:

1. Work - I know. It's great at the moment, when I get things right. It's tough some times, but yet I go back everyday! Weird, eh?

2. Searching for a house/flat/room - basically I need a place to live when I move back to Luton in 2, yes just 2, months time. Any ideas? You know where I live, answers on a postcard please.

3. Big Brother - Doh! Every blummin' year... It's rubbish, we all know it. But as you sit there in your skin I bet you know at least 1 housemate's name. Even if you listen to Radio 1 in the morning there is no escaping it. Although I'm sitting here writing so forcing myself to miss the first eviction.

4. Yahoo Music - very much a form of escapism... apart from the rubbish and painful ads!

Had a few bits of good news this week. I might have a car for September, gonna see what it might cost me.

Realising also that there isn't much time left at all for this Gap Year thing. In a week they start interviewing for new trainees. I've got an end date. Scary.

It's been a while since I wrote and I think God's been teaching me about prayer for the last few days. It's been really hard for me to pray recently, but I've had a breakthrough today, feel refreshed.