Monday, May 08, 2006


Well, I think I spoke too soon. The rain came back in abundance today, so back in the jeans and jumpers for a hectic week at work.

My entire weekend was pretty much hassle free. The funeral was as lovely as it could be. It was really good to see every one and share good memories.

Got back to Cardiff and had hot chocolate by the Bay. Then was subjected to the delights of 'Sahara', very slow and boring film. Not gripping enough to keep us out of conversation about other movies we want to see together, like X-Men 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

I refuse to watch Confetti - on the grounds that I have enough wedding drama/reality TV in my life already. I will stick by this and even avoid my friends to avoid the film.

I've got to finish and pull off the conference this week. So if you are in Cardiff and fancy hearing Brian McLaren on Saturday, let me know. Other events this week include setting up a prayer room, stuffing for Jeff Lucas and another funeral.

Pondering the question 'why?' on many different levels. And although I try to have an answer for everything, I think I'm quite happy to ponder for a long while.