Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost and found

My plan to do more exercise was a bit scuppered last night by an elusive young persons railcard.

So my planned running session for Tuesday didn't happen. Instead I'm going tonight... with a partner. Argh, that means actual running.

The only reason I decided to run/walk into town last week was because some lovely person had stolen my bike pump. I have a new one now, locked up in the house somewhere. Which means I have every intention of using my bike.

Now... to go and get the team car fixed so that we can drive around with both brake lights and reversing lights!


Michael said...

Aha! Another secret running person!

Chris said...

Ah, more dedicated than me! I keep telling myself I'll start running and keep putting it off with some excuse...

the latest is until I'm well again, but we all know I'll find some other excuse after ;o)