Friday, November 17, 2006

3 Little Words

Bless! Bless! Bless!

OK, so one little word repeated 3 times.

Time Management (and 'forgetting' to bring my sermon to work) has meant that you get 3 posts this week... yes I have things I could be doing. Feel guilty now.

Anyway, once you get the Soul Survior CD make sure you thoroughly check the DVD extra's. Never before have I laughed so much. In fact over the last week I haven't laughed as much as I should do.

If you went to Soul Survivor this year, you'll love it. If you know who 29th Chapter are, you'll love it. Much respect for those guys.

What would God want for Christmas? Your thoughts please...


Anonymous said...

What comes instantly to mind - God already has exactly what he wants for Christmas - the Son (in human form). That isn't of course what you were asking is it. So here's another answer: You (being the reader of the comment), your love for Him, your love for those you live around and your love for all those on the planet - all 6+ billion of them.

John Cowart said...

A new X-Box?